Sunday, August 2, 2009



Genetics are an amazing thing. How is it that I can have three children, all the same father, yet they all look and act incredibly different?

My eldest is my bohemian child. Loves all things natural, hates commercialism and will never conform to the Joneses, whoever they may be. Not afraid to hunt & cook his own food (although gross IMHO :)) Believes in taking only what you need from nature and 'not a lick more' a la American Indian lifestyle. Coincidentally, when leaves SoCal he gets confused for being of Indian heritage as he has a lot of the same physical traits.

My middle is my tree hugger. She looks like a modern day Snow White. Pasty white skin, rosy cheeks, dark brown hair & eyes. Will not eat animal by product, will not wear any article of clothing that anywhere resembles animal print. Will not participate in petting the animal pelts at the nature centers when on school field trips, etc. Declares she will be part of Green Peace when she is of age and will work on abolishing all forms of currency so that there will be no poor children/people in the world. God love her.

Then there's my youngest, my blue-eyed, strawberry blonde, capitalist. All about the money. "Mommy, should you be spending this much?" "Mom, why don't you buy this at WalMart instead?" "Mom, why don't you sue him?" (Can you hear me roll my eyes into the back of my head?)

While I enjoy the missions they put me through, and sickly, yes, enjoy the hurdles of trying to feed three very diverse children and all their friends, can someone please explain to me how this is genetically possible???

Would love to hear your feedback.